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Overview :

We have designed this Agra Heritage walking tour, which brings something special for you in this tour, here we make you experience with the old heritage of the Agra city. For this tour we take our guest by walk. Tour starts from a point close to the Agra Fort. Jama Masjid, (Friday Mosque) Mankameshwar Mandir (Temple) dedicated to lord Shiva , Rawat Para, (spice Market)Lohar gali, Khoya Gali, Namak Ki Mandi, Sindhi market. You enjoy the busy and bustling bazaars of Agra.

Highlights :

Walk through the lanes and markets of Agra
Get insights into Indian culture from a local guide
Taste the local sweet of the city, such as the "petha" flatbreads
Travel to the Spice Market on a rickshaw and learn about the medical and health benefits of Indian spices, herbs and teas .

Itinerary :


On arrival in Agra city, our Tour Guide will meet you at your booked hotel's Lobby according to your given time. Proceed towards for the sightseeing of Agra Heritage Walk.


Sightseeing of Jama Masjid the Mosque was built by Mughal emperor, Shahjahan in 1648 and dedicated to his favorite daughter, Jahanara Begum. The Jama Masjid of Agra is constructed of red sandstone with intricate white marble decorations. The walls and ceilings of the mosque are painted blue in color. It is a huge mosque in the center of Agra surrounded by a great bazaar.


Then we will go to Mankameshwar Mandir (Temple) in Agra is one of the ancient temples devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple is situated at Rawatpara, near Agra Fort Railway Station. It is said that the shiv linga is covered by silver metal and was founded by Lord Shiva himself during Dwapara era, when Krishna was born in Mathura. Shiva wished to get a darshan of Lord Krishna in child form. While he was coming from mount kailash he rested here. Yamuna used to flow here, Shiva meditated and night-stayed at the Mankameshwar Temple. He said "If I would be able to make Krishna play on my lap I will put a linga here"


Rawat Para, (spice Market) is one of the oldest localities of the historic city of Agra. It is situated very close to Agra Fort and also the river Yamuna. Rawatpara draws its name from the title Rawat. And there are sell spice like Red Chili, Coriander Powder, Turmeric, Black paper, Fennel, Asafetida, Bay Leaf, Mace, Mint, Saffron, Tamarind & Cloves etc.


Lohar gali the narrow lanes there sell many articles like Bangles decorate articles and artificial Jewallerys. Decorate articles which are used for decorating images of Gods and Goddesses.


Khoya Gali there sell many type of the Indian Sweets/ Desert like Ras malai, Gulab Jamun, Jalebi, Rabri, Rasgulla, Gujia, Son Papri & Kaju katli etc.


Namak Ki Mandi, there artisans beat Gold & Silver to make Foils of Gold & Silver for medicinal use in Aurveda. There also sell Gold, Silver and Semi precious, Precious Stone.

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